Setting Up an Efficient Home Office during Covid-19

Many people are now working from home due to Covid-19 pandemic. There are several things that you can do to ensure you have an efficient home office. In this article, we’ll look at a few tips for creating a pleasant and practical home design.


Wi-Fi and connectivity

A home Wi-Fi connection allows you to connect to the internet via a cord, without plugging in your computer. Wi-Fi ranges can go up to 2, 500 sq ft, providing great flexibility. If you will be working in a one-bedroom residence, you should go for a single router that has multiple antennas. On the other hand, a wireless mesh system is suitable for people who are living in a big house. Music can also help you stay focused and be productive while working. To that end, you can get Wi-Fi speakers to help boost your productivity.


Location and space

Creating an environment that you will be comfortable to work in is essential when working from home. A quiet corner or a separate room would be ideal. If you are a professional, have a dedicated space that is away from any distractions. Busy mothers, on the other hand, can use their kitchen desk area as their central command post. It’s also important to ensure that you have enough space that will allow you to work comfortably.


Use device stands

Working with your mobile device on a flat surface or holding it can be tiring. A device stand can hold your tablet or phone at a visible and ergonomic position for you to work comfortably. Additionally, a stand allows you to get your mobile device at a suitable angle for conference calls.


Natural light and view

Choose a location with a view and natural light. This will help regulate your natural circadian rhythms or sleep-wake schedules. Your desk should be positioned in such a way that your computer screen won’t be affected. Use Translucent blinds or shades to reduce glare without making the room dark. You can also enhance natural light by painting your walls with light colour and installing a mirror. Your desk should face the door or you can place an attractive artwork above your desk. In turn, this will give you something to focus on when looking up from work; it will also give your eyes a rest.


Select the perfect furniture

Your chair is an important item when creating an efficient home office, as you will spend most of your time sitting on it while working. As such, it should be comfortable and supportive, which will help you avoid neck and back problems. When it comes to choosing the perfect desk, make sure it’s at least 48 inches wide. The height of your desk should range between 28 and 30 inches. If possible, choose a desk that has enough storage space to keep documents and other supplies within reach and out of sight.


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