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A brace is an orthopaedical appliance or gear used to support the weight of the body, to correct or prevent any abnormalities or control spontaneous movements particularly at the trunk and lower limbs. It also provides heat and compression to

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Train Better with Sports Physiotherapy

A sports physiotherapist helps athletes prevent and manage sports or exercise-related injuries. They are very crucial when it comes to the enhancement of performance, especially when it comes to athletes. The worst thing that could happen to an athlete’s career

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Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Lower Back Pain

Chiropractic is a speciality of healthcare providers involved in treating the musculoskeletal and nervous systems’ diseases using therapy methods that do not require surgery. Chiropractors typically rely primarily on the treatment of surrounding tissues and spinal manipulations. This post will

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Chiropractic Care: Neck Pain Treatment

Chiropractic care When you experience pain in the neck or shoulder for a long time that never stops, it is advisable to visit a chiropractor. During the chiropractor’s appointment, you will undergo a consultation examination and sometimes if the chiropractor

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Knee Osteoarthritis – The Risk Factors and Management Options

Knee osteoarthritis is one of the most common types of chronic joint condition that affects the daily functions and quality of life. It is usually a degenerative type of arthritis, in which the cartilage that’s responsible for cushioning the joints

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Workplace Physiotherapy Benefits

Workplace physiotherapy is one of the procedures that involve enhancing or maintaining workplace health an essential part or process for all workers. This involves development of various programmes to asses and sort out health complications related to workplace strains. This

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Fish Oil to Help Relieve Joint Pain

Joint pain causes everyday activities like walking, jumping and exercising difficult. Most people rely on over-the-counter medication to help ease the pain, but studies show such remedies only offer short-term relief, especially for people who have rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis.

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Top 5 Workplace Injuries for Tradies

It is very common for tradies to have injuries. In Australia, ten tradespeople get injured while working on a daily basis. Musculoskeletal health is crucial to every worker including tradies. Therefore, it is unwise to ignore any body stress, pain,

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Chiropractic Neuro-Rehabilitation

Human brains are very delicate and throughout life they experience so many things-some of which are good or bad. It becomes hard to live a normal and happy life if you are always in constant pain or trying to maintain

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Swimming -How To Prevent and Treat Injuries

Swimming is one of the most refreshing ways to spend your pastime, especially in summer. It is one of the best forms of exercises. Although swimming is very much enjoyable injuries do occur because of the rapid and repetitive movement

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