Train Better with Sports Physiotherapy

A sports physiotherapist helps athletes prevent and manage sports or exercise-related injuries. They are very crucial when it comes to the enhancement of performance, especially when it comes to athletes. The worst thing that could happen to an athlete’s career is a severe injury that leaves them helpless, right? This is where a sports physiotherapist comes in handy.


Ways in Which Sports Physiotherapy Benefits You

Although it sometimes might not seem like it, sports need a lot of energy and stamina. The athletes’ muscles, bones, and joints are stressed and pushed to the limit to bring out the best outcome possible.

Sports-physiotherapy has several benefits. When an athlete suffers severe injuries and is in a lot of pain, dry needling is a great solution. However, every patient prefers tailor-made therapy. This physiotherapy has several types; dry needling, kinesiotherapy, Kinesio taping, and chiropractic. For a sports physiotherapy free phone consultation and free foot assessment, Turramurra Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy are best placed to assist.


Staying Injury Free

One of the best ways to stay injury-free is to engage in continuous training. Athletes should engage in pre-season training to allow their bodies to adjust to the vigorous activity in preparation for the competition period. If you ignore your pre-season training, you end up straining your body, increasing your risk of acute strains and sprains and overloading injuries like tendinopathy and stress fractures. Individuals who do not engage in pre-season training set themselves up for chances of experiencing growth plate injuries. Generally, avoiding injury improves your changes of regular practice and performing at your optimum, come competitions.


How to Train Smarter

Sometimes you may have doubts about your pre-season training and the intensity with which you should train. When in doubt, consult a qualified physiotherapist. Through assessment, he will assist you in creating a personalised training program based on your individual needs.

Our bodies do not appreciate abrupt change and prefer to have a consistent regiment, especially when it comes to training load. As a rule of thumb, consistency is key. Aim to keep subsequent weeks’ training on a plus or minus 10% of what you engaged in the previous week. This allows your body sufficient time to adjust.

An excellent way to help you train your body smarter is remaining active throughout, even when not in season. Engage in several different sports to train other muscles and avoid overusing certain joints, hence avoiding overuse injuries. As part of every training session, ensure to cool down and warm up sufficiently.


Soccer Injury Prevention

It’s easy to get caught in the trap of last-minute intensity, especially when faced with possible loss. According to a study carried out by UEFA, this kind of increased passion towards the end of the game causes fatigue leading to more fouls. It also increases injury risk.

As a soccer player, you must be aware of the type of surface you are playing to select the correct outsoles for each game better. Remember, traction forces at play determine the level of injury risk.

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