Growing up with a strong backbone: School Bags and Spine Development

Childhood. The time of life when the holistic growth and development of a person takes place. It is a crucial period in the life of an individual, both physically and mentally. Habits, skills, interests and everything else that stays with a person for the rest of his life starts to get ingrained in him during his childhood days. And just like the good things, the bad things that become institutionalised in a person during childhood also last with him forever. And these are true especially for physical phenomena and disorders as well.

The human body grows and develops during childhood, and the environment to which a child is nurtured in greatly affects this growth. A healthy physique can only be acquired by a child if he grows up in a balanced and healthy environment. Undue physical stresses that a child might go through, injuries and diseases will result in this normal growth being disrupted and even stunted.

ExpertSunbury Chiropractor agrees on the fact that children, in their daily lives are facing physical stresses like these every day. One of the main sources of physical exertion for them is the school bag. And the part that it affects the most is the spinal cord, as that the bag is carried on it. This loading is something that the child is subjected to for over a decade of their lives, regularly for almost two-thirds of a year. According to Sunbury Chiropractor, there is an obvious connection between overloaded school bags and spinal disorders.

Sunbury Chiropractors claim that chiropractic care is no longer seen as strictly for the adult population. Chiropractic Paediatrics has found its significance in treating kids who are susceptible to muscular or skeletal ailments, and some of these ailments are a result of the hectic schedule and bulky backpacks which are a part of every student’s life. Sunbury Chiropractors offer treatment and solutions to this, but they also have certain tips which will ensure that the probability of your child’s school bag turning into a literal burden is as low as possible.

The key, according toSunbury Chiropractor lies in proper selection and packing of the backpack.

  • The bags need to be designed properly to ensure even weight distribution and carrying capacity.
  • The weight of a fully packed backpack shouldn’t exceed 10% of the child’s weight, and this weight must be distributed properly as well.
  • The shoulder straps should be wide to prevent concentration of load on a small part of the shoulder. Waist straps are recommended, as they help spread the weight of the backpack evenly across the back.
  • The backpack should also be worn properly, and not too low.

Even and proper distribution of load is of paramount significance. The bags, hence should be bought by seeing how comfortable they are to wear and carry. These steps help prevent your child’s spine from accumulating damage over his school life.

We know the amount of time school going children spend carrying a heavy bag on their tender shoulders. Hence, we need to ensure that this does not result in the spine being damaged. Prevention is easy and is way better than cure.

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