Self-Help Strategies to Beat Depression in Men

Although depression primarily affects women around the world, men are unfortunately ignored. This is probably because of the cliché masculinity that comes along with being a guy, which obviously concludes that men are immune to depression. This is the not the case. Millions of men around the world suffer from depression and it is a crippling, paralysing mental disorder. The disorder is difficult to shake and it can plague the individuals for week, months and even years. There is, of course, therapy for depression and you can even get help from an Earling Chiropractor. However, sometimes it can be difficult to make the first move.

Movember is a national event which is designed to raise awareness for men’s depression. The main theme of the event is for men to grow facial hair for the entire month without shaving, which adds a little comedy to the event. In light of this, we have designed to do our part and provide men with a few self-help strategies to beat depression for good. They have been proven to work and are even things that your doctor would probably suggest.

Change Your Diet

This might seem like a strange one but changing your diet can actually lift your mood, this is especially true when the food is energising and gives you that boost you desperately need. It is important though to remove any foods or substances that can result in adverse effects in the brain. Things like caffeine and alcohol should be removed from the mix, as well as sugars and processed foods. You need to also eat regularly as you can become irritable without food.

Never Isolate Yourself

This is an important one to remember. When you are suffering from depression you must not isolate yourself from your friends and family. It can be tempting with depression to seclude yourself from the rest of the world, which can lead to an aggressive cycle producing even more negative thoughts. Depression can be eased using your support circle within your family, which has been a proven way to remove symptoms of depression. So when you’re feeling down, you should make the effort to go and talk to someone about it.

Take Charge of Your Actions

One of the best ways to overcome depression is by taking charge of your life. A common depressive symptom is the feeling that you’re not in control of your life and this can send you spiralling into a deep depression, even as a man. It is important to also take responsibility to what you do and your daily behaviours. This can be difficult at first but the answers are always there.

Sort Your Sleep Out

Depression is associated with symptoms of insomnia. Insomnia is caused by improper sleeping patterns and it has been found that helping the insomnia tended to help with the depression. Getting into a proper sleeping pattern with depression is important and you need to make sure there are schedules in place. Having a strict bedtime and wake-up time can help you fall asleep better and there are a ton of other things you can try that will help.


Depression in men is a serious issue and it has become ignored in our society. We should address the issue more and raise awareness of this horrible condition. Although many men will not go to their doctor about their depression they can learn to help themselves. With the tips above, you will be able to overcome your depression for good and live a normal, happy life. If you do need some professional help, Ealing Chiropractors are always here to help, so please call to arrange an appointment on 020 8566 3757 now.

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