Top 5 Workplace Injuries for Tradies

It is very common for tradies to have injuries. In Australia, ten tradespeople get injured while working on a daily basis. Musculoskeletal health is crucial to every worker including tradies. Therefore, it is unwise to ignore any body stress, pain, and aches that persist for more than a week. Some of the most common problems that tradies experience include shoulder, knee, lower back, ankles, and tears injuries.


Shoulder Injuries

The study reveals that more than three-quarters of people who get shoulder injuries at the workplace in Australia are labourers and tradies. Repetitive and excessive overhead motions cause shoulder injuries; most tradies make these movements making them more vulnerable.

You can quickly detect shoulder injuries; you will have a hard time lifting objects while working. Having stiff shoulders is also another common sign of an injury. Frequent shoulder injuries include impingement, instability, and rotator cuff injuries. To treat these injuries, ensure that you do shoulder exercises on a daily basis. You can also seek anti-inflammatory treatment in case the problem worsens.


Knee Injuries

Tradies’ Health Month aims at interacting and educating tradespeople about the severe effects that they can experience by ignoring certain injuries such as knee injury. The main cause of knee injuries is the repetitive, straining motions that put stress on the knee. Runner’s stretch also causes this damage.

It is prudent for tradies to manage their weight, do low-impact physical activities, wear sensible shoes, and work out with weights to avoid these injuries. Tradespeople are advised not to change the intensity of their exercises suddenly. It is also recommendable to consider physical therapy to rectify the damages.


Ankle Injuries/Sprains

Sprains are caused when ligaments around the knees snap back or expand as tradies make sudden motions. It is a common problem addressed in many Tradie’s Health Months. To know that you have an ankle injury, you will have a popping sound around the injured region. You will also experience swelling, bruising, and pain. To prevent future long-term problems, you are advised to visit any clinic near you to get treatment instantly.


Low Back Pain

Tradie’s back is a common problem that occurs when pain originates from a tradesperson’s spinal structures (for example muscles, joints, nerves, discs, and ligaments). It is caused by hard physical work, heavy lifting, and twisting.

Ensure that you have a few minutes of stretching routine every day to deal with this situation.Similarly, use chairs that will enhance a better posture when working. Tradies have busy lives. However, they are advised to spare at least ten minutes, two times per week to do strength exercises. Get medical attention when the problem persists.



Tradespersons are among the most susceptible group of workers when it comes to tear and wear injuries. Most common tear injuries include disc injuries (caused by repeated improper sitting postures), lumbar strains and sprains, rotator cuff injuries, and tendinitis.

Schedule consultations at your most preferred clinic in Australia for checkups. You will learn the most appropriate exercises to do to prevent the tears.

Trading companies and tradies are advised to sign up with the National Tradie’s Month to learn some of the most effective safety precautions. Tradespeople are encouraged to exercise regularly to be on the safe side. Feel free to seek medical attention and prevent the deterioration of your health.

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