Chiropractic Care: Neck Pain Treatment

Chiropractic care

When you experience pain in the neck or shoulder for a long time that never stops, it is advisable to visit a chiropractor. During the chiropractor’s appointment, you will undergo a consultation examination and sometimes if the chiropractor sees it fit you will be referred to a radiographer who will carry out diagnostic imaging such as x-ray examination. Based on the diagnostic imaging findings the chiropractor will decide whether or not they would treat with the help of other medical professionals in other fields.


Chiropractors generally help in providing relief of swelling and chronic pain which can bring about discomfort through their hands. Chiropractic care is the safe, non-addictive and non-invasive alternative of easing chronic neck pain through medication. Chiropractors deliver this relief through chiropractic adjustment. This is done so as to promote the mobility of joints as the restrictions of the joints and the spine misalignments are reduced. The physiology of the nervous system is improved and therefore if the spine is in better health then the body has a better way to manage the neck discomfort.


The neck is composed of seven vertebrae (bones) which are held up by muscles and ligaments. The pain usually occurs when the joints, ligaments and muscles are inflamed or have been irritated. One should never tolerate neck pain as it could to be very serious or projecting a disease that is severe.


Symptoms of chronic neck pain

  • There is soreness and tenderness around the neck.
  • One can experience a sharp or stabbing pain that is concentrated.
  • The neck would be stiff and unable to carry out certain movements.
  • The pain would eventually start to the head, shoulders, arms and fingers.


The duration of time needed to visit a chiropractor

During the consultation examination through diagnostic imaging, the radiograph produced will determine the length of time that you would need to undergo chiropractic care. Unfortunately, those who are suffering from the pain as result of arthritis, injuries incurred during sports or auto accidents will need a long period of time to heal them. While if the pain is as a result of bad posture then it would take a relatively short amount of time.


Causes of neck pain

  • The nerves around the neck could be pinched.
  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Worn out joints.
  • Discs that are herniated.
  • Strain in muscles as a result of bad posture.
  • Injuries incurred during auto accidents or sports.
  • Aging.


During your visit to the chiropractor you might be asked question such as

  • The period of time the pain started manifesting.
  • Are there any remedies you might have used to heal yourself?
  • If the pain is radiative.
  • has anything improved or worsened the pain


Health benefits of visiting a chiropractor

  • One’s flexibility is improved.
  • One experiences an improvement in their range of movement.
  • The chronic neck pain is alleviated.
  • Inflammation is reduced.
  • There is increase in one’s daily activity.


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